• In present scenario, discharge of polluted water in nearby water bodies has become very critical as the environment norms has been strengthen.
  • So the focus has been shifter to Zero liquid discharge and recycling of water.
  • As far as high TDS and high COD effluent is concerned, the only method is to evaporate the water mostly by Single Effect Evaporator (SEE) OR by Multi Effect Evaporator (MEE).
  • The drawback of these technologies is they are end up with lots of sludge and significant evaporation cost.
  • The evaporation cost is too high that it impacts significantly on the profit margins of the Product.
  • By integrating the Phycoremediation technology with MEE as a pretreatment of the system, this can reduce the operating cost of the MEE.
  • The effluent load which goes into the MEE has been reduced by 50 -80%. So proportionately the operating cost has been reduced significantly.
  • Phycoremediation is non MEE based evaporation method.


  •  Around 70-90% reduction in the operating cost of the MEE.
  • There is no additional chemical sludge generation in this process.
  • The hardness can be reduced which then can be impacted on the MEE performance.
  • Some COD load can be reduced in this process and hence it improves performance of MEE.
  • There is no need of chemical for neutralization because Micro Algae automatically neutralize the effluent which is taken into MEE.
  • As micro Algae do transpiration process, area required to evaporate the water is much less than that of the area required by natural evaporation.



  • The technology can be applied at the places where there is already MEE is installed and want to reduce the operating cost.
  • The companies who want to set up the MEE in the new upcoming plants or expansions.

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