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Phycolinc Technologies Pvt. Ltd is committed to the use of innovative, sustainable, green and chemical-free technologies to provide effluent treatment and bio-remediation solutions to complex waste water management problems, which conventional technologies cannot address.

The company is working on Phycoremediaton technology which is based on applications of Micro Algae in Industrial Effluent Treatment, Polluted Lakes and rivers remediation.

Our group has provided solutions in industry sectors like chemical, Pharma intermediate, agrochemical, textile, electroplating, leather and oil and drilling industries for treatment as well as Zero Liquid Discharge for High TDS effluent and RO reject.

We have developed processes that can bio-engineer the local ecology of polluted water bodies like lakes, ponds and rivers and initiate an in-situ and ecologically compatible bio-remediation process.

Mission & Vision

To restore and bio-remediate all major rivers and lakes in India, sustainably, using natural, green and chemical free processes

To become the “go-to” firm in India for all complicated and complex wastewater related problems faced either by the industries or by the government.

    Values & Ethics

    • We will strive to uphold and respect the inherent value and dignity of every person we deal with, without discriminating on the basis of color, language, region, religion, sex or caste.
    • We are here to make money. We are not here to simply make money. We value our Employees, our Clients, our Investors and our profits in that order of importance.
    • We will strive to provide a safe, healthy and clean working environment and equal opportunity for growth to everyone who partners with us in this journey to make the world a better and cleaner place.
    • In the name of kickbacks and bribes, we only accept and give exotic bakery items, low on sugar, wrapped in biodegradable plastic and baked in an oven with a high energy efficiency and low carbon footprint.

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