Advanced Oxidation Process


  1. Advance Oxidation Processes (AOPs) are those group of technologies that leads to generation of Hydroxyl radical (.OH) as the primary oxidant which is a second highest powerful oxidizing radical .
  2. Hydroxyl radicals generated through any processes of combination of H2O2 , UV, Fe2+, Ozone, TiO2,Ultra Sonic, Electron Beam Irradiation etc have very low life span (less than a second) and hence it quickly oxidizes breaks complex compounds into small molecules which can be degradable biological systems.
  3. Integration of AOPs with any biological system drastically improves performance of treatment process for removal of different pollutants.
  4. Out of all AOPs , Ozone based Advanced Oxidation Processes are more promising as they are more effective and there is now any residual ozone remains in the system.


  • One of the best & promising technology to remove refractory COD which is not degradable by other treatment processes (Biological OR Chemical).
  • Effective colour removal without any sludge generation.
  • Integration of AOPs with biological system can improve the treatment efficiency of the biological process.
  • One of the best technology for treatment of organic nitrogen.
  • Oxidation of Heavy metals like Fe,Pb etc.


  1. Textiles, Paper and Pulp & other industries where colour removal is a big issue.
  2. Chemical and other industries where the COD is not degraded by biological system/Chemical Treatments.
  3. Effluents where there is some residual COD & colour are present which are hard to remove by other treatment processes.
  4. Effluents having high Organic Nitrogen value hard to remove by any other treatment processes.

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