pH Neutralization without Chemicals

Chemical Free pH Neutralization

The Phycolinc is the only group in the world that has commercialized industrial ETPs where pH is neutralized without the use of any chemicals.


After identifying consortia of micro algae species that can work in that particular effluent, the pH can be neutralized with use of uniquely developed micro Algae based process.


In the process of pH neutralization, raw effluent ( highly acidic or highly basic )is directly taken into system and the outlet of the plant will be neutral water.


As there is no any chemical used in the process, the sludge generation is NIL.


Yes…..there is no Chemical use in the neutralization and No Sludge Generation.

Implementation of Technology

The plants, where we have set up the micro Algae based ETP plants where chemical free neutralization is observed, are…..

SNAP Natural and Alginate Products Limited, Tamilnadu.   Inlet pH varies around 1.7and Reactor Tank pH stable at 8.    

This leads to complete elimination of chemicals and savings of Rs. 50 lacs/year in Caustic Soda Expenses.


Hettich India Pvt. Ltd, Gujarat. Inlet pH varies between 1 to 4& Reactor Tank pH stable at 8.

Pasupati Acrylon Ltd, Uttar Pradesh.  Inlet pH is around 3 and Outlet pH is around 8.

Atul Ltd , Gujarat.  Inlet pH is around 2 to 4. Outlet pH stable at 8.5.

Gujarat Agrochem Ltd , Gujarat.  Inlet pH at 4 – 12. Tank pH at 8.5.

Yuti Textiles Process Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra.  Inlet pH at 12-14. Outlet pH at 9. Savings to client of Rs. 1 crore in HCl Expenses.

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