Lakes & Rivers Cleaning

In India as well as globally, a significant quantum of domestic sewage & industrial waste water is discharged into open water bodies without treatment or with partial treatment. This untreated polluted waste waters contain different contaminants like dissolved organics, nitrogen, phosphorous & heavy metals which then keep on accumulating in the water bodies.


Accumulation of these contaminants result in the development of several unwanted, anaerobic micro-organisms as well as Blue Green Algae, duckweed, etc. The ecologically sound food chain is broken.


Our process includes introducing a select symbiotic consortia of micro algae and attached bacterial species and very organism specific micro nutrients which can trigger the growth of the micro-organisms that we introduce. The micro-algae species are judiciously selected so that they present no threat to the local ecology and when in abundance, they can be a part of the natural food chain.


Once the micro-algae species start growing, they immediately boost the Dissolved Oxygen in the water body. Along with the associated bacteria, they start degrading/bio-transforming the pollutants.


Process is in-situ and does not involve the use of any inorganic or harmful chemical.

Process can be customized to suit target water body. For example, if the contamination is due to sewage, the culture used would be different as compared to industrial and sewage contamination.

Unlike technologies that boost bacteria or diatoms, our micro-algae species are much more robust and resistant to incoming variation in effluent or sewage load.

No mechanical treatment or aeration is required in this treatment.

In the process, the following results are obtained:

  1. COD & BOD reduction
  2. Phosphates and Nitrogen Removal
  3. Removal of turbidity and increase in transparency.
  4. Removal of pathogenic bacteria and odor.


Polluted lakes and ponds,  where sewage and other industrial waste of the population around it is continuously dumped.

Polluted rivers which run over 100s of kms and accumulate sewage and industrial effluent in the process.

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