Pulse Magnetic Field Generator


Every living organism on earth responds to 2 fundamental forces: gravitational fields and magnetic fields. By altering magnetic fields, behavior patterns of living cells can be modulated.

Via this approach, low frequency, low intensity magnetic fields, through a Pulsed Magnetic Field Generator are used on biological systems to alter the way they function. An alternating current surging forward and backward in a coil winding generates a magnetic field surging back and forth in the coil along its axis. Such a magnetic field is referred to as the PMF.

Implementation of Technology

Biological systems interact with PMF, and these interactions can be largely grouped under:

  • Cellular and Tissue Interactions
  • Membrane properties and ELF signal transduction
  • Molecular Transport
  • Stress and survival
  • Repair and Regeneration

This patented technology has been successfully developed, tested and field implemented to alter the growth rates and nutrient assimilation rates of micro algae and bacterial based effluent treatment systems

  • Resulting in better COD and BOD removal
  • Better color reduction
  • Higher metabolic rate of micro-organism
  • Higher growth rate of micro-organism

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